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Custom Page Edges

~printed, not sprayed~

Accessible to all indie authors!

Page Edge Designs

Our edge designs allow your book to have a 'special edition' look while being printed on a larger scale or for special events!


You'll receive a print-ready PDF with your design embedded, able to be submitted to most printers like Ingramspark and KDP!

*Prices and style options vary based on several factors including page count and book format.


Why order with us?



We developed this process for our own books in 2022. Over the course of time, we've experimented, refining our process, and took our first client in July 2023. As of September 2023, we've worked on dozens of published books for over a dozen authors!


Real Pictures & Results

When possible, we make sure to include real photos in our portfolio.

We know the ups and downs of various design techniques, and are happy to show realistic results, not just idealistic images with digital mockups.



We're upfront about the pros and cons. We'd rather lose potential customers because of our honesty than disappoint them by providing a product that doesn't deliver what they expected. This is a niche technique, and we've got the experience to help you navigate the ups and downs to make sure this is the right fit!

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