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Formatting/Publishing Checklist

A step-by-step list to set you up for success!

Free Tutorials

Not sure how to e-sign a contract? Need help embedding the fonts in your PDF when formatting in Word?

This folder contains free tutorials we've created for authors, and will be updated/added to from time to time.

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Indie Publishing Ins & Outs
(on Kindle Vella)

How to avoid scammers, work with beta readers, etc!

The Plotter's Planner

Writing Agenda/Planner

Enrich your worldbuilding. Immerse your readers. Bring your plot to life.

The Plotter's Planner is specifically designed with storytellers in mind, helping you explore and outline your plots.

List important details for your characters and their journeys, then chart them out by the year, month, week, and even daily as needed to keep your story's timeline consistent.

Perfect for tracking multiple POVs and intertwining timelines, this is also a great tool for those who need more visual and hands-on plotting to organize their story.

Designed by a fellow author, The Plotter's Planner can be purchased in 3 separate colors! (Sunrise, Sunset, & Oceanview)

Graphic Design Services

Merchandise Designs


We’ll design merch to match your book!

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Premium Digital Mockups


Showcase what's beautiful about your book

~inside & out!~

Marketing Graphics


Perfect for social media & KDP A+ content!

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Looking for some free promotion on an upcoming release?

*Cell users may need to open in an internet browser

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