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Hours of Operation

We're a small family business with various health issues and circadian rhythms. We usually respond to emails between 4pm & 11pm Mountain Standard Time. We don't respond to emails on Sundays to allow ourselves a day off, nor do we handle emails on the 1st of the month (or the 2nd, if the 1st falls on a Sunday) to allow us to handle administrative duties.

About Us




Painted Wings Publishing (and its services) is run by J. Houser (Jen).


Jen is an indie author with multiple books published. She developed this fore-edge printing process and has it on her own YA fantasy omnibus, premium reading journals, and notebooks. She’s a nocturnal beast and handles all the graphic design, emails, and formatting, so you might get responses during odd hours…


Radene is an assistant, primarily working on graphics placement to make the mockup Jen showed you a reality.


Melanie is an assistant, primarily working on graphic prep and placement for our edge designs. She's learning more at Jen's side and can easily be bribed with chocolate chip cookies.

⬇️Learn more about J. Houser's published books here⬇️

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